Welcome to Rosco e-Learning Group Holdings who reach their clients training needs through eLearning anywhere, anytime for capacity training the future, with eLearning, without affecting your schedule, you have the freedom to take a course at the place and time of your choice, and who is the umbrella company for Five smaller companies, all of them are accredited with their various seta’s. Rosco e-Learning Group pride ourselves in offering a full range of Training Services online to a broad base of Clients, with particular expertise namely: Rosco Consultants (Safety & Security Industry), Rosco Wholesale & Retail Industry, Mansasolve Hygiene & Cleaning Industry, Rosco Information Technology Industry and Rosco Construction & Mining Industry.  Assorted organizations employ the services of the Rosco Group and there are various reasons for doing so, the most common being:


1 An organization may be too small to employ a competent employee to deal with: Learning & Development Consultations, Seta Liaison, Accreditation of Skills Development Providers, Outsourcing of Training Administration, Project Management, Learnerships & Skills Programs, Skills Development, Disability Management & Placement, LMIS Uploads, Mandatory and Discretionary Preparations and Submission.

2 Thus, will the Rosco Group ensure external guidance and assistance when required and ensures the following: A company with a good moral standing will always attract the most conscientious and productive employees.  Our professional and friendly staff at Rosco can provide a valuable extension to your own management team, safeguarding.  Your interest and providing quality solutions to the problems faced when attempting to develop safe systems of work.  We have a reputation for promptly producing effective results at a realistic cost, helping to pass on a WEALTH of experience to our clients.  Companies that are aiming for continuous improvement in training management acquire and retain the services of the Rosco Group to capacity train the future with eLearning, without affecting your schedule, you have the freedom to take a course at the place and time of your choice.


The Rosco Group is also known as the “Lead Service Provider” that Partners with various Seta’s, to facilitate, assess and moderate training courses for their clients, also known as “Lead Employers” to provide ongoing supply of learners on an annual basis and “Host Companies” that agree to assist in workplace experience and job placements.

To name a few of our popular training programs for host companies:

Safety & Security under the Rosco Consultants Accreditation from Sasseta

  • The Sasseta NQF Level 3 National Certificate General Security Practice (58577)
  • Occupational Certificate: Security First Line Manager (118687) (in process)

Hygiene & Cleaning under the Mansasolve accreditation from Services Seta

  • The Services Seta Level 1 General Education & Training Certificate – Hygiene & Cleaning (59397)
  • The Services Seta Level 2 National Certificate – Hygiene & Cleaning Services (36233)
  • Occupational Certificate: Commercial Cleaner (118709) (in process)

Information Technology under the Rosco Information Technology accreditation from Mictseta

  • 61591 National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing
  • 48573 National Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Support
  •  78964 Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support
  • 78965 Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Systems Development
  • 90721 Certificate: Design Techniques

Construction & Mining under the Rosco Construction and Mining accreditation

  • 93627           Occupational Certificate: Bricklayer
  • 22291           National Certificate: Bricklaying and Plastering: FET Phase
  • 65409 Building and Civil Construction
  • 58782 Further Education and Training Certificate: Plumbing
  • 91761 Occupational Certificate: Electrician

Wholesale & Retail under the Rosco Wholesale & Retail accreditation

  • 63409 National Certificate: Wholesale and Retail Operations
  • 63333 FETC: W&R Management
  • 101863 Occupational Certificate: Cash Office Clerk
  • 99446 Occupational Certificate: Dispatching and Receiving Clerk
  • 99473 Occupational Certificate: Retail Supervisor
  • 99707 Occupational Certificate: Checkout Operator

We offer a range of learning programmes and short Skills Courses.  Our programmes are presented by highly Trained Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators. In addition, we are equipped to provide Skills Development Facilitator services, as well as Assessment and Moderation across a number of SETA’s.  If you’re looking for optimal growth in a short amount of time, this course is perfect for you.  Due to high demand, we’ve recently added many new classes to ensure there’s an option for everyone.  Interested in enrolling or learning more about this course? Get in touch today, one of our team members will answer all your questions.

To name a few:                                                                                                                          Security Skills Program Level 1 (Patrol Officer)                                                                                                 Security Skills Program Level 2 (Access Control Officer)                                                                                           Security Skills Program Level 3 (Asset and Reaction Security Officer)                                                                                              Security Skills Program Level 4  (Security Supervision)                                                                                             Security Skills Program Level 5  (Security Management)                                                           Safeguarding a National Key Point (Full Compliance and Refresher Training)                        Peace Officer and Traffic Law Enforcement                                                                   Special Events Security                                                                                                   Control room Operator Security                                                                                                              Closes Protection Officer                                                                                                         Reaction Security Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Retail Security (Loss Prevention and Shrinkage)                                                                                                            Specialized Security Training Courses                                                                                                                    Services Seta Hygiene & Cleaning Skills Program                                                                            The ETDP Seta Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator Courses                                                         Project Management                                                                                                                 Contact Centre                                                                                                                            Business Administration                                                                                                                                              First Aid Training                                                                                                                        Basic Fire Fighting                                                                                                        Occupational Health & Safety.


The Rosco e-Learning Group reach the client’s needs anywhere, anytime and  offers a full spectrum of Training Services ranging from industries like General Security, Retail Security, Mining Security, Health & Safety and Hygiene & Cleaning.  Several other specializations have been developed and added to the Rosco e-Learning Group with the core services for example outsourced training and e-learning material development, and risk analysis.

The Rosco e-Learning Group are devoted to its stakeholders, and we believe that everybody has the right to an equal opportunity and success in their career.  Rosco e-Learning Group places great importance on individual performance as well as teamwork, and commitment to their clients as well as saving clients time and freedom anywhere, anytime.

The Rosco e-Learning Group has a 24-hour client support backup service for that all clients are supported, monitored, assessed, and reviewed before moderated.  We shall also provide and outsource facilitators, assessors, and moderators to monitor and mentor all clients.

We have a national footprint.

As the “Lead Service Provider”, in conjunction with our “Lead Employer” and their “Host Companies” are eligible for the tax rebate incentive referred to in Section 12H of the Income Tax Act: R80 000 per able bodied learner and RR120 000 per disabled learner.


Is to ensure that our services are tailored to our client’s specific needs with eLearning that is anywhere at any time to Capacity train the future with eLearning, without affecting your schedule, you have the freedom to take a course at the place and time of your choice,

 Our company cater for the compliance and training needs of South Africa Seta’s and our board of directors are governed by South African citizens.

The Rosco e-Learning Group will continue to enhance and maintain its existing client base in South Africa to become the training compliance and service provider of choice throughout the South African training services industry. Our services will be delivered on a cost-effective basis and will be tailored to meet our customers’ changing needs anywhere at any time.

To provide practical, work-oriented, and professional levels within compliance and training services to all of the Rosco e-Learning Group.


Is to be, client-orientated, anywhere at any time through our e-Learning portal and to be recognized through quality; our services are provided by competent Seta accredited and professional personnel and partners.  We are respected for our ability to always deliver exceptional customer value through service excellence, supported by a culture of enthusiastically devoted personnel anywhere, anytime.


Sound communication – We believe in complete, clear, and transparent communication.

Achieve – We believe our force’s high standards of performance are loyal and we accept responsibility for our actions.

Equity – We believe that every staff member has the right to an equal opportunity for success in their career.

Together – We believe by working together, we and our clients can develop joint ventures in solving problems.

Your needs – We believe in the client’s needs regardless of personal inconvenience but to go the extra mile to meet.