GSO General Security Practice SAQA Id 58577

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GSO General Security Practice SAQA  Id 58577

This qualification is an entry-level qualification and recognises the key competencies required of security personnel who are able to work in a variety of security contexts. This qualification will be for individuals who want to enter the security industry and develop competencies in standard security practices such as access and egress control, security response and patrols, asset protection and visible security operations.

Learners will operate mainly in the security sector, within a range of contexts, including rural, urban, corporate, mass, gatherings, homes and businesses. It will provide the learner with the competencies needed to undertake a range of security related processes andĀ  practices at an entry level. This qualification will entail that persons involved in the security environment will be able to practice the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to operate in a professional manner. The qualification will also enhance their careerĀ  opportunities within the security environment.

The learner will be able to:

  • Safeguard premises, assets, information and personnel.
  • Interact with customers and people.
  • Operate security equipment.
  • Conduct security duties within the ambit of the law.